Vaccine geopolitics

In an unprecedented moment, the dispute over the vaccines needed to face the coronavirus epidemic that has plunged the entire world into one of the greatest economic and political crises in contemporary history has raised a series of questions that force us to rethink the post-pandemic world in geopolitical terms. For while U.S. pharmaceutical companies are hoarding vaccines for domestic distribution, in an attempt to legitimize Joe Biden’s government and overcome the political crisis caused by the complicated transition that ended in a popular insurrection in the U.S. Capitol. Likewise, the energy crisis in Texas and the internal disputes between Republicans and Democrats have accelerated the decline of US hegemony. A situation that has been taken advantage of by the Russians and Chinese, who are beginning to strengthen cooperation ties with Latin America and Europe in search of a new world reorganization.

Critics of the US model point to the deep political, economic and social crisis faced by Joe Biden’s government as the background to the United States’ monopolization of vaccines. For the racial tensions triggered by the empowerment that Donald Trump provoked in the white supremacists have caused an increase in episodes of racial violence between the different cultural groups that make up the states of the union and the emergence of armed militias that may lead to a Civil War. As well as the refusal of Joe Biden’s government to second Canada’s motion to consider white supremacist organizations as terrorists, have only aggravated the civil crisis that the citizens of the Stars and Stripes are going through.

A situation that has been taken advantage of by Vladimir Putin’s government to improve diplomatic relations with the European Union and Latin America due to the efficient control of the pandemic that has allowed them to export their vaccine in a way that has become the key to their geopolitical strategy in which Mexico and South Africa play a very important role due to the fact that both countries are the gateways to their respective continents. Added to the fact that the United States does not enjoy a good reputation in the Latin American region due to the recent reports leaked by the U.S. government itself in which the role that the Americans played throughout the second half of the 20th century in the emergence of dictatorships and coups d’état in the region is definitely proven.

On the other hand, on the African continent, China’s influence has continued to grow in the region due to its successful economic development and poverty alleviation projects. As well as the resounding failure of the anti-Chinese propaganda that in recent weeks has caused Chinese propaganda that in recent weeks has caused the exposure of the formerly prestigious English news network “The Times” and the fabrication of content that involved English Youtubers living in China and that have exposed to the world the hypocrisy with which Western journalists behave in the face of the harsh reality of the success of the Chinese economy have only improved the image of the Asian giant on the African continent that increasingly moves away from the European powers and their continued colonial abuses that perpetuate modern slavery on the African continent. Thus, the coronavirus crisis aims to be the spearhead of the global geopolitical transition that will put an end to the cultural hegemony of the West in the entire world.

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