Is Merkel kind of a dictator?

In the larger scheme of the World, it’s not hard to certainly say that Angela Merkel has strong dictatorial streak. Much like every other level of German society – authority figures have very high discretionary rights and very little accountability. Not just chancellor (making immigration decision) but also teacher (grading students), landlords (preferentially renting house), or nightclubs (profiling Club goers at entrance). Also, long term chancellors are quite common in Germany. Kohl was chancellor for 16 years. Adenauer 14 years. This doesn’t mean that they are dictators. When they are elected out of office, they go. The comparatively long stays in office have more to do with the German dislike of all changes.

However, the most significant question arises when it is recognized that a society is capable of electing its leaders on multiple occasions through the methods established by its constitutional means and others are not capable of doing so. In that sense, the case of Nicolás Maduro is significant and can be compared, since there is no doubt that his government is considered a dictatorship, even though like Angela Merkel he has been elected on multiple occasions through the systems established in his constitution.

It is important to note that the comparison between Maduro and Merkel undoubtedly represents the spearhead of the double standard with which Western societies determine what is right and what is wrong. On the one hand we have the recognition that Maduro is a dictator and on the other hand the apology of Merkel as the legitimate representative of the German people. So why is there legitimacy in Merkel but not in Maduro? The answer probably lies in the logic that states that one society is prosperous and another is not, by stating that the development of a country depends exclusively on the development of its economy and the dynamics of its politics.    

Likewise, it is important to highlight without a doubt the role played by international organizations in recognizing the legitimacy of one government and the discredit of another. While Venezuela is seen as a society in constant political crisis, Germany is seen as an example of unity and democracy. Despite the fact that both come from completely different processes and were established from political dynamics that reaffirm the power and control structures of the national States. That is why while Maduro is a dictator for Western societies, Merkel is only a figure that represents the ideals of democratic government. However, this shows us that for international bodies, the control of third world resources and products by transnational corporations is above the principle of self-determination of peoples. This is based on a double standard that measures what is possible in Euro-American societies and the rest of the world.  

¿Que opinas?

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