Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump

Norway is far away, but Bernie could bring that peace of Norwegian woods that melt the best of the theory of the state and open market societies. Donald Trump thinks that the problem of everything is “Billionairing”. Fortunately, Economic thought in the XX century develops a remarkable experience of dictatorship ways, when the Communist Party of the ancient URSS, the China of Mao and some other red dictatorships have fallen to the power of the global market become clear that focusing in the core of money to think Economics is the best way, Science is the real answer. As prove astonishing near develope in Mexico, Qatar, South Corea and India, the upper-middle-class expand their population of billionaires in a way that those countries growth a modern lifestyle mixed with a stunning background of ancestral tradition. That is why Mexico and the Latino community in America have become a powerful community. Nonetheless, Central América is in one of their worst crisis in decades.

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 21.15.35Source: World Economic Forum.

After the military intervention back in the eighties, a regime of several gangs develops a regional market to articulate a Death Road from Texas to Panama and Colombia. Where the US-Mexican border is now a war zone. Mexican government continuing struggling with international gangs from Central America where some US and Mexican citizens take the easy way out of the drug business.

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 21.52.42

Meanwhile, in countries like Norway, Canada and Sweden the state provides the drugs to addicts on specialized centres making a legal profit of the biggest market of real-life and stand a peaceful community that is now a privilege of the billionaires in America. Day after day, news of shootings in the US territory and terrible crimes in the northern states of Mexico astonish the public on both sides of the US-Mexican border. Notwithstanding, in the legal market, China has now a clear Avant-garde in the technology sector. The industry needs a better condition to develop. While US citizens struggle to pay the University debt, countries like Mexico and South Korea pay to their own students. This is it, the economic world right now, the desition is yours. Politics for Billionaires is now a regular commodity, an open window to play with world tensions between countries.

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