Mexican Police rescue 107 Central American migrants near “The Wall”

During various operations, 107 Central American migrants were rescued in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, state authorities reported. 

According to a preliminary report from the National Migration Institute, there are 51 Guatemalans, 9 from El Salvador and 47 from Honduras. Of these 107 people, 72 were released by Tamaulipas authorities and the rest by federal institutions. 

The first operation, reported the Secretary of State Security, was held at 11:28 am in response to an anonymous report to 089, which warned that in Colonia Villas del Roble, people were being taken down from four trucks.

In the presence of the police, the migrants tried to escape. His captors fired shots that were repelled by the authorities. One of the traffickers died at the scene and a long weapon, loaders and cartridges were secured.

At 2:00 pm during a tour on the Viaduct with El Berrendo gap, police officers saw a man walking along the highway. After being interviewed, the migrant said he was originally from Guatemala.

Forty minutes later, the police detected a group of Honduran and Guatemalan citizens on the same El Berrendo breach and asked Migration to verify the legal status of the group.

Unauthorized translation of the original article in Spanish, published on March 23th, 2019. At the Mexican newspaper Proceso, anonymously.

Source: Tras operativos, rescatan a 107 migrantes centroamericanos en Reynosa.

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