Israel and the rise of fascism

In recent years, the advance of far-right forces has been a concern for a left unable to understand itself outside the framework imposed by capitalism. No way of life other than the consumer tied to his unpayable debt, no utopian dreams about a world that does not correspond to the status quo. But the rise of this extreme right worries, and could even be said to despair, among other things, because its strength is that of the use of easy-to-use symbols, reductive dichotomies that are quickly consumed through memes and news of doubtful origin. The criticism is satisfied with sending as many telephone memes on the phone, to mock, to worry or to denounce in the vacuum of the spectacularity in which we live. These racist forces, which have remained allied to the forces of neoliberalism, but will have to be seen until when, did not emerge with the French National Front, or with Trump, let alone with Bolsonaro.

They are the most dangerous and ever extinct remnant of the racism that founded the vast majority of the nation states and that, although in many countries was left in a state of depression by the terrible experiences that led, always survived somewhere in the world its force of destruction. The occupation of Algeria by France, the Apartheid in the United States and South Africa, the latter extended until 1992, the exploitation of diamonds in Africa, the war of Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda, and of course, from the very end of the Second World War , the State of Israel, whose creation signified an ethnic cleansing and the beginning of a nightmare for the Palestinians. Each of these events (and many others) have served to keep the barbarism of racism up-to-date and have allowed safeguarding its force for the new use that countries of the world and third world productive centres are giving it.

Israel has been, in particular, one of the bastions of this ideology because it was born from its circumstantial defeat in the second war. It was born with the legitimacy of being a kind of antithesis to fascism, a legitimacy that allowed it to incubate and exercise racism without much of the international community noticing until it was too late. As Yoav Litvin recently said, “the early Zionists syncretized many aspects of European fascism, white supremacy, colonialism and messianic evangelism and had a long and sordid history of cooperation with anti-Semites, imperialists and fascists in order to promote exclusivist agendas and expansionists “. However, when it began to become a state evidently belligerent for the Western press itself, Israel had already moved towards the consummation of an Apartheid system and the conversion of Gaza into an open-air concentration camp. That Bolsonaro has been baptized in Israel is not a coincidence or the simple madness of a religious fundamentalist.

Is that Israel has been actively involved in the construction of Christian Zionism and its practices have served to maintain the racist utopia firm anywhere, which is ultimately the complete annihilation of who has been identified as another. That is why Christian Zionism itself acts as a lobby in the United States and recently contributed to moving the embassy of that country from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, reinforcing the alliance of the American extreme right with the Zionist State. What is truly worrying here is that this far right has been able to captivate sectors of different social classes, appealing to an emotionality based on social antagonism that has paralyzed both intellectuals and social movements. What we see before the US is an “Israeli nation” of the world that implies not only the deployment of repressive and conservative forces but also the impossibility of its criticism. Angela Davis has recently witnessed it being cancelled – after lobbying by Zionist groups – the awarding of recognition by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute for her support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel (BDS) campaign. In other words, to fight against racial segregation not only in their own country but also where it is supposed, they should not: in Palestine occupied by Israel.

Angela Davis’ response to the cancellation of recognition must be a lesson for today’s left. “I have dedicated a large part of my own activism,” he says, “to international solidarity and, specifically, to linking struggles in other parts of the world with the base campaigns of the United States against police violence, the prison industrial complex and racism in general […] The cancellation of this invitation and the cancellation of the event in which my intervention was scheduled was not, therefore, an attack against me, but against the very spirit of the indivisibility of justice”. It is that understanding the advance of fascism in a local way also means articulating a local resistance when in reality the former knows well that behind the nationalist disguise its true strength is based on the configuration of a world according to its twisted values.

Today, the only internationalism is fascism, while the left continues to give an opinion if its leaders have to be blocked on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, in the very individual gesture of the consumer who denounces a product for being defeated, when in the winery Your replacement is ready some time ago.  Learn to see the Palestinian in the Mapuche and vice versa. Identify urban segregation with Apartheid. To make analogies work everywhere, where what is proper is diluted in the common. Generate different life forms, but anti-capitalist and anti-racist. Such is the alternative of resistance to the uniformity of a horizon that seems to come over and that the Palestinians, Indians, blacks and so many other oppressed peoples have had to witness for so long.

Unauthorized translation of the original article in Spanish, published on January 30 (2019), in the newspaper El Desconcierto by Mauricio Amar Díaz.

Source: Israel y el fascismo que viene.

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