Mexico and Spain, two sides of Venezuela’s crisis

AMLO says he will follow the principle of nonintervention and that he will advocate for a peaceful solution; Sanchez indicates that the position of Spain is not to remove and put governments but to guarantee fair elections. The presidents of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, showed their differences on the subject of Venezuela during a joint press conference at the National Palace. The Mexican president insisted that his government will follow the principle of nonintervention and that it will advocate for the peaceful solution of conflicts, a point in which it can coincide with Spain in the Venezuelan case.

“In this framework that is established in article 89 of our Constitution, we are acting in the case of Venezuela. And I mentioned that as part of that policy, the peaceful solution of conflicts is contemplated, we are for dialogue, we are for reach agreements without the use of force, we are for nonviolence, I think that at that point we agree with Spain,” said López Obrador in a message in the National Palace.

The Mexican leader said that the country is in a position to receive a dialogue between the two parties to the conflict, the government of Nicolás Maduro and the opposition headed by Juan Guaidó.

“The approach to Venezuela is dialogue as a first step, things cannot be imposed, the bases have to be laid, as I said, the dialogue is the basis for understanding, instead of making recommendations, it is best to sponsor the dialogue between the parties, “said AMLO.

Minutes after the conference in the National Palace, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs called, together with the government of Uruguay, an international conference on the situation in Venezuela. The meeting will be held on February 7 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Sánchez explained that the position of Spain in the case of Venezuela is not to remove and put governments but to ensure that Venezuelan society can choose its future through free, fair and democratic elections.

“In this sense, what the government of Spain is doing, in the framework of the European Union, is to safeguard a common position, which seems fundamental to us and to transfer the need to constitute a contact group, not only of European countries, but also also from Latin American countries, which can foster a dialogue between the two parties so that an election process can be carried out.” said the Spanish president.

Sanchez said that he, as well as the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, and the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, belong to different political traditions and, nevertheless, have reached an agreement on the Venezuelan issue. On Saturday, the governments of Germany, Spain and France said that eight days after that date Nicolás Maduro did not call for new presidential elections, he would recognize Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed himself as interim president of Venezuela, as the legitimate leader of the South American country.

Unauthorized translation of the original article in Spanish, published on January 30 (2019), in the online Magazine Expansión by Isaac Esquivel.

Source: Mexico and Spain, two positions on the crisis in Venezuela


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