Children of Pemex

The childhood of Andrés Manuel López Obrador was forged around oil. The wealth of his state, his life and that of his people made him a child of oil, his political culture was born and developed in Pemex. The world has evolved, the oil sentiment of López Obrador has not. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants the fourth transformation to give the qualitative leap towards the country that is supposed at the end of its journey.

Oil, that divine curse in the form of the machinery of development, that element without which the composition of the modern world would not be understood since 1905 when the head of the English fleet decided to substitute coal for oil as fuel for ships that they supported the British Empire. Oil, the product that has sculpted from Saudi Arabia to the Orinoco the fate of so many peoples including the great powers and the countries considered as such after their early arrival at the source of oil as is the case of Norwegians or Brazilians.

In the Mexican case and in its modern history, oil was and apparently remains a fundamental marker of national identity. General Lázaro Cárdenas after meeting with a Statement made by his predecessor Plutarco Elías Calles and seeing the world situation, decided to take advantage of the opportunity and bet on an element that would bring together in a new nationalism a sense of pride in the Mexican people as It was the nationalization of oil.

Without the prolegomena of the Second World War, without Roosevelt in the White House and without his decision to end the British empire, which in the end as possessors of most of our oil were the owners of the Eagle, Tata CárdenasI never could have done what he did. But basically, politically and morally, the third transformation took place because, from a political and economic event such as the nationalization of oil, a new sense of national pride was created. With the delivery of the alliances that made oil expropriation possible, the people of Mexico as a whole knew that they were buying ownership and dominating what is, in the end, the national treasure of the time, oil. Following the example of the third transformation and what was done by President Lázaro Cárdenas – who he admires so much – Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in the war against the Huachicoles, has found the unifying element of the new national identity.

It is true that in the time of Cardenas the world economy, the weight of funds, investors and large banks were in a completely different situation than today. It is also true that has happened in the time of General Cárdenas, the world is currently witnessing a crisis of such magnitude that it allows López Obrador to try to define and build a new identity model, based on the feeling of Mexican pride towards something very defined as would be the possession of a new wealth. In this case, that wealth is not only oil, but it is the ability to have a different moral performance to end the cancer of corruption.

López Obrador has a historic opportunity, which is to do things well and above all not to squander what until now represents his main political, human and historical capital, the illusion of his people. The reaction of the polls and the Mexican people to the inconveniences created because of having to wait hours to load the tank, clearly give the idea and the dimension of where we are standing in the sense that López Obrador is believed and that an important part of the people of Mexico is willing, if in fact, it is serious about ending corruption, to suffer personal discomfort in exchange for the end of that scourge. This forces Lopez Obrador and his particular system of government without intermediaries.

Everything is focused on his morning appearances and explanations. Everything is direct to him. When a law or a situation gets in his way or bothers him, he makes use of the popular consultations and the parliamentary majorities he has. Therefore, this capacity for political illusion, that ability to push the country in a different direction, demands that the “sexennium” (a period of six years) be accompanied by a good government. Nothing explains and I do not want to enter into debates that deserve by itself a separate treatment this tendency that we are seeing that everything is subsumed in the figure of the president, in his explanations to disguise the incompetence and in the insufficiencies of a large part of the elected members in the energy field.

You have to be loyal, but above all, that loyalty has to be asked of those who are part of the cabinet and those who have been chosen by López Obrador to accompany him on his journey to the fourth transformation. We are facing an unprecedented situation, everything is to be done and it is essential that it be done well, so at the end of the day, although it is always easier to destroy than to build, understand and admire the attempts to do justice without creating terror although all that begins within From home. All this begins by demanding and imposing – as he does with himself – levels of efficiency beyond the morning exposure of his cabinet members at an inhuman hour like seven o’clock in the morning to see how he explains what many Sometimes it is inexplicable and above all, how it defends the inefficiency of its actions.

To accompany the fourth transformation, but above all not to commit a crime of high treason in this special situation that the country is going through, it is necessary that each of us do our thing. The opposition is commissioned to reappear – it does not exist – and the government is entrusted and charged with being at the height of the responsibility that means making the fourth transformation. The tragedy of Hidalgo is a point and separate in this fight. It also shows how difficult it will be to implement the new 4T security paradigms with reality. Almost everything is to be done. Pipelines old and destroyed by systemic theft for so many years. People used to go stealing fuel as if to fish. By necessity, the normals. By organized mafias, those who live from that criminal industry, which as it was seen is very dangerous. But while these changes we will have to try not to become a country of rolling incendiary bombs by increasing the traffic of the so-called ‘pipes’ or to allow events like Saturday’s. Knowing how to protect the peoples from themselves is also in the fortnight of those who rule.

Unauthorized translation of the original article in Spanish, published on January 21 (2019), in the newspaper El Financiero by Antonio Navalón.

Source: Hijos de Pemex.

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