Women in Mexican theatre

The unjust situation that women have always experienced throughout history has also been reflected in the theatre. Much progress has been made, but this disproportion is still observed in the participation of women in administrative positions in the theatre, the integration of juries, the granting of scholarships, and a long etcetera. To advance the issue, the League is conceived as “an organization of women who work in different areas of the theatre field throughout the country. It is an intergenerational space of encounter and dialogue in which gender equality is sought in the theatrical guild as well as the end of violence in the workplace.”


The birth of the League also promoted other women’s groups of theatre in Tlaxcala, Ciudad Juarez (Chihuahua) and Sonora and different Encuentros will be held inside the Republic: in September the First Forum of Women of Theater in Tlaxcala and in October the First Meeting of Sonoran Women Theater. In Mexico City, the First Encounter of Women in the Circus Actual was held at the end of July, at the UAM / House of Peace, the Third Cycle of Contemporary Dramaturgy Written by Women and in November, the First Encounter of Women of Theater organized by the Mexican League of Women of Theater within the framework of the 39 National Theater Show.


The visualization of women in the performing arts in the field of recognition has been very scarce in our history and, with this push, this year the Fine Arts Medal was given to Julieta Egurrola, the Xavier Villaurrutia Medal to Raquel Araujo and the Medal of Honor Héctor Herrera Cholo to Conchi León in Yucatán. The INBA National Theater Coordination also paid tribute to María Alicia Martínez Medrano and Olga Harmony. Keep in mind that these are minimal and more recent, in relation to the great universe of female participation in the theatre, yesterday and now.


Theatre companies made up of women continued to work in 2018, such as the Macramé Collective, the Arte Laboratorio de la Rueca Company, which was presented in Cuernavaca, and Las Reinas Chulas, which also commands the Bar el Vicio Theater, which premiered at the UNAM. To mention a few. Against the current of the world in which we live, theater women have headed different stage spaces, such as the Shakespeare Forum directed by Itari Marta and that this year was fatally closed, A Theater headed by Jessica Sandoval, CEUVOZ directed by Luisa Huertas and Café Teatro de Telón of Arena directed by Perla de la Rosa in Ciudad Juárez, for example. Titanic effort among the many existing spaces managed by men.


This text was originally published in Spanish on January 13 2019, in the 2202 edition of the magazine Proceso by Estela Leñero Franco.

Reference: Muejeres en el teatro mexicano.

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