Mean Girls: The Millennial’s postcommunist manifesto!

Mean Girls is one (we all agree, there’s only one, right?) of the most important pop-culture-iconic things unitestatians have (a keyword to keep in mind!). The film documents the sociopolitical climate of unitestatian’s Public High School System (PHSS). Picturing a masterpiece of taboo’s killing doses of feminism. It’s important to refer that World War II has shaped the world with the individualistic anti-communist propaganda Gretchen Winners represents (Fig. 1). Only Regina George (pink shirt) doesn’t want to recognize a not-white Plasticness as her equal (obviously, only on the subtext of the Motion picture, right?). Although, Cady Heron (shiny pink shoes) try to do so. But even if Karen Smith (black shirt) is supporting her, Regina George still exercising the power of fear! That’s what a Mean Girl do, to protect the mores of her Kingdom! Deep into the blur of this idealized idea of US Highs School. There is Juno, the ordinary midclass girl on Karen’s Smith back. On Casy’s Heron back, the borderline girl from anywhere, neither Gretchen Weiners nor anyone else. At the bottom, just the women’s body without personal identity.Resultado de imagen para mean girls lindsay lohan

Fig. 1.

Remember, money is always the way to get that kind of specific merchandise: a Mean Girls Anniversary Film is always available online (infinite progress, you know?). Unitestatians almost forgot that its government and their people almost vanish and exterminate Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Meanwhile “spreading” the idea of Capitalism all over the world since World War II. Where US contemporary mores has developed in opposition to Communism and Socialism.

Wherever, it is too late, right now we’re all in. Even if the US State’s department and the OTAN crimes still unpunished. Because the society keeps focusing on a kind of Justice where legitimacy is based on the pure violence of defending the holiness of  (in this case) Plasticness: Basically meaning to possess a prefabricated women’s idealized body. The exact idealized body Nazis, Soviets and Liberals have in common. As everyone else does in the whole world. To be a Plasticness means being recognized as a socially perfect rich beautyness with absolute monarchical mores!

Nevertheless, it supposes to do so at war with the enemy’s ideology, right? Wait for a minute, but what about Korea, Vietnam, Salvador, Honduras, Afganistan, and so on? Well, actually, to be fair the war has never been gone since the XIXth century (when capital begins to be worldwide). Nonetheless, it is important to admit that the spectre of Total War has gone since the anti-communist revolutions on Eastern Europe in 1989. But its individualistically ideological effect keeps sticking at the unitestatian’s sociocultural mores. Just picture the day, Chip Heron, complains about his daughter because she has been sexualized at the school, in front of his very eyes.

Don’t get me wrong. Mean Girls is just a core ghost of Capitalism.But, we’re all in, on Regina’s George favourite game of segragation!

Spoilers ahead!

Resultado de imagen para mean girls gif

That’s why it’s so creepy to unfold and most philosophers don’t want to unmystified the ideal of the Millenial “Post-Mean-Girl” Casy Heron represents. However, Lindsay Lohan grew up as her living ghost, while Rachel Mcadams has her personal redemption on the movie. All that, because of us, and our obsession with Infinite progress! Nonetheless, Casy Heron and the rest of the Mean Girls survives inside our “sweet sexy nerdy fantasies” of absolute control of the human body.

Resultado de imagen para regina george xxx

Even if Communism and Socialism have failed, it does not change the fact that these ideas emerge from the struggle against Capitalism. And that’s exactly what Mean Girls is about! It’s not only an anthropological documentary of daily life at the PHSS in the US. “Mean Girls” constitute a sociocultural expression of how power is related to beautyness and richness at the main core of capitalist sociocultural behaviour. Just kidding! Everyone knows is just a Hollywood comedy, isn’t it?

The drama follows the path of Cady Heron into her plasticness. From the cute nerdy she was at the beginning of the plot, to the sexualized woman she becomes in Millennial times. That’s why the way we know Cady Heron outside the PHSS expresses the central conflict humans of late capitalism have to deal with, in order to survive: economic grapples, ethnical differences-similarities and sociopolitical laws for public and private spaces.

Resultado de imagen para map of the school of mean girls

The deep struggle humans have to follow in order to manage a sociocultural recognition from their pairs, sometimes takes them to a massive breakdown when they realized they’re not alone and the rules aren’t good enough for all (a reason why we’ve shootings). When we discover that there’s actually only one rule that measures all humans! The holiness of St.Money is pictured at the core symbol of a hidden gossip girl figure. Gretchen Winners and her creepy plasticness represent the ultimate level of segregation plinth on her inability to deal with un-whiteness and the racism associated at that fact. Before blaming her, remember that she was only a High School girl! By no means, the first day of High School is the perfect way to ground on a scenario where Lindsay Lohan performs an amateur of social conventions in postmodern society.

Imagen relacionada

Once upon a time in the land of North Shore High School, everything change when a “regulation hottie” arrives at the Queen Bee’s domains. Some say she used to attend homeschool in Africa. Probably the south… You know what I mean if you don’t think like Keith Smith. She’s a sex-slave material, you know, she’s extremely hot and too stupid to know about it! That’s why she’s always outside the line, with a perfect timing (Amanda Seyfried never lose the perfect spark of Karen’s Smith naiveness).

The fact that Cady Heron is into maths because, for her, it’s something special that math still the same anywhere in the world. Is a fact that focuses on her motivations to the spirit of cosmopolitanism and her struggles with the deeply cultivated racist nationalism in the US. However, on an individualistic core based society, she has to pretend to be a little bit stupid in order to make out with Aron Samuels. Something, she doesn’t experiment at all in Africa. Actually, she grew up with the African mores of communitarianism.

The fact Casy Heron anticipates the end of the film means that the movie complains to go outside the movie context. In a way, it’s also the beginning of the complicated path Lindsey Lohan herself has to go throughout, in order to deal with the fact of being a worldwide superstar. Imagine how hard is to deal with the impossible oblivion of being stereotyped as a brainless sex toy. It’s a pretty common sociocultural pathology, especially true on men towards women’s bodies. That effect, specifically, on the way girls are related to each other and is the basis of postmodernity more’s fights of feminist and anti-feminist.

“Mean Girls” mirrors the whole spectre of subtexts that codify the very nature of contemporary relationships. Punishing and judging those who don’t fit on the myth of the infinite progress, like Damien who is “almost too gay to function” (but he actually functions as stoolie with the young feeling’s homeless) and the absolute submission of  Karen Smith, rewarded with a great job only because “she’s pretty”. It points out how these selfish relationships have been destroying the conception we used to have on modern times about love and friendship in a deeply philosophical way.

On the other hand, Regina George references a Latin word for Kings [Regis] and specifically to the “King George VI” itself. The last Emperor of India and the first Head of the Commonwealth. The last colonial institutions before the World War era. She’s definitely a subject of royalty and the core basis of High School relationships (headquarters of Unitestatian’s Civil Society). Regina George is an Imperialist Queen in a land of depressed broken teachers and defenseless virgin guys begging for their first sexual experience. Indeed, she’s a dictatorship based on the power of Plasticness and with the legitimacy of the fear of the pure violence that supports this kind of social system all over the world.

The real climax beggings when Casy Heron understands how Regina George is trying to keep the status “quo” even if she mistreated her in the process, kissing Aaron Samuels (also manipulating him). The exact moment when Casy Heron learns how “power” is always related to money and sex in capitalist societies. And that’s when Regina George crossed the line of mutual respect, that the PHSS is forcing them to accept. Notwithstanding the evidence, Regina’s George attitude confirms that there is no such a thing in modern society.

The conflict is not about Aron Samuels, he represents the naive stereotypical Disney’s unboxed Prince random character (To good to be true!). Here, the conflict is exposed as the confrontation of two Queen’s fighting for the ruling status of being the Authentic Queen of its Kingdom! That’s why the reference to the lake at the mall appears to be an idealized version of Africa. Nonetheless, it exposes how in the US, the status is based on the power of wearing an expensive dress at the Graduation ceremony. That’s why Cady Heron, Damian Leigh and Janis Ian develops an authentic insurrection plan in order to perform a Coup d’Etat, instaurating a new regime based on Cady’s Heron “inauthentic” plasticness in order to take down Girl-on-Girl crime from the School.

The same core full of expectations, anthropologist, geographers an historians express was founded with culture itself. That’s why Regina’s George Kindom falls apart when she becomes fat, as a result of the biological war Janis produced against her. When Regina George understands the profound crisis of legitimacy she has. In order to do so, Regina George develops a real crisis of the PHSS institution, breaking down the whole system. Just because she doesn’t want to admit her defeat, with the hope of keeping the power after the revolutionary forces passed away. Something that probably learns from her father.

It is crucial to point out that that’s what Regina George does when she realized that Cady Heron develops herself as the brand new Plasticness Queen. A recognition based on the consensus of the “Plastics” (mirroring the class struggles consensus of the counterinsurgency’s right).That’s why her first step as a Queen is to establish a new regime celebrating it. Nonetheless, when Cady Heron became authentic plasticness she keeps segregating the differences as Regina did. Confronting the contradiction between the individual and the community in capitalist societies. Infinite progress is not for everybody, is just for “the winners”. Delegating that conflict to a matter of personality.

Nevertheless, in the revolutionary process of depicting Regina’s George regime. They never estimate the possibility of taking down the whole fucking system. A book rule for counterinsurgency. In order to break down the new post-revolutionary order. Even if that means to be publicly exposed with the Pink book of social mores and its implicit rules. The public spectacle of judgment and punishment by the State. In this case, the Principal.

 It is important to remember that because of that chaos about Girl-on-Girl crime a pedophile teacher has been found. Representing how the crisis is the best opportunity to create or abolish something about the social system. The problem with this analogy is that the external power that stops the violence and sets the possible space to fix this is impossible to have on a world scale. That’s why exercising tension between the State and Civil Society is the only way to change the way we live. However, something to learn from Mean Girls is that the power of culture is underestimated.

When military (represented by the Senior School teacher) take back the control of the school the war persist in the form of social competition where violence and crime become the common board of capitalist rules. However, the state sets an assembly in order to solve girl on girl crime. Filming one of the most crucial moments of the plot. Where the people of ex Regina’s George Kingdom accepts its differences and similarities and point the importance of communitarianism between girls. At this point, the crucial subject is only about depicting the ideal of Plasticness among ordinary girls delegating the conflict to the Queens restoring the Capitalists Mores and letting a clear space for a new possibility of the Mean Girls stereotypes emergence from the crowd!

Nevertheless, if the movie were finished with that idea it will be presented as the deformed idea of bourgeois revolution (as the French revolution did, claiming freedom and equality while having slaves over the seas). However, after Casy realizes with the help of her parents (both zoologist) those power relationships of being part of a community. With the final push of Ms, Sharon Norbury issue with drugs, Cady Heron decides to take responsibility on the authority of the Book when the police came to School. Because of the conditions of this kind of utopistic moral scenario Mean Girls evolves in its final moments into the transgression field of the hypothesis.

Cady Heron suffers the social consequences of rejecting the title of Queen Bee. Represented as the well-played surrealistic survival of Regina George to the Yellow Bus of human history expressed on the conflict she has with Cady Heron. In the real world, there is not such a thing. Because of the essence of the individualistic behaviour has under Capitalism. Regina George will never surround until her death. That’s why the literary exit the producers found to solve all the contradictions of the world were to abolish the system. A found another, neither a base core communist nor capitalist. The most important, they express that the only way to abolish such behaviour of violence and powerless fools is taking down capitalism. That’s why Mean Girls is such a punch in the face feminist anti-capitalistic drama about ourselves.

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