Rick & Morty and the ideology of Mankind

One of the most exciting series ever created is back. It’s hard to believe, but Rick Sánchez has created an amazing existential idea about the insignificance of humanity at the vast multiverse, in the last two seasons. And now, he’s going to make us really happy with his philosophical and disturbing reflections. The existence is a joke in an infinite series of possibilities or, just an instant where Robo-Morty takes a spiritual human breath for the first time. I mean, it’s me or something big was happening here. Does Adult Swim is answering our question about the unknown Morty? It may be a wonderful idea if the Stranger Morty of the prison of another renegade Rick episode, the best of all Mortys, we’re having to be a robot and not our classical idea of humanity.

We might start analyzing his philosophical perspective instead of scientific ones, because is a huge field where, to be honest, I know almost nothing. In a philosophical way, the season begins with a huge question of what does it mean to be a Human? Just remember the moment where the Robo-Morty’s quote mode was making a whole new kind of ironical question “you’re not, like, a computer inside a mechanical doll… your feelings are not only forgivable, but they are also the very meaning of life that only pre-silicon, carbon-based entities can ever grasp”.

For this very question, we have to look back at the story of Morty C-137 dimension because we don’t really know if the Rick of the Morty C-137 is the true Rick of his own universe. We have to remember that the Summer of the probably true C-137 universe, grown up in a Hunger Games reality, where Jerry answered in the practice the rhetorical question Morty does, while he’s fighting in a really big metal Mad Max style cage.

Quote mode: “Why would you want this to happen? All you had to do was go away! Stop standing in the driveway talking about custody! And either tell her you to want to stay married or get on with your life, but whatever you do, stop being a baby and act like a man!” End of quote mode. But what does it mean exactly the representation of Jerry Smith? To know about it, we have to rewind the whole perspective, throw the last episode of season two and the first or the third one… Spoilers ahead!

When the family goes at the Bird-person weeding with the cover agent Tami (for the Intergalactic Federation), and they bring back to Earth without Rick, Jerry represents a regular person. He is jobless and all his life depends on Beth’s job as a Veterinary. However, after Rick creates a scape situation for his family. Losing his very body in a war between Infinite Ricks and the Intergalactic Federation, throwing away the classic conception of the separation between body and mind.

Jerry goes back to earth and he finds a new kind of slavery. This new kind of slavery is a parody of Modern Society, which falls with a massive economic crisis, that Rick makes happen just by changing the value of currency “from one to zero of itself”. That’s when the series begins to create a new kind of philosophical question about “Mankind”. What does it mean to be a human in Modern Society? That’s what the second episode of Rick and Morty is showing us. At the same time, Rick (C-137?) will possibly be the first Rick without a Jerry in the whole multiverse.

The episode starts with a new season of Rick and Morty and the divorce of Beth and Jerry. That same situation mirrors on Sumer and character that references Mad Max classical movies. However, after the events, Rick unleashes dealing with the unknown green rock the organization of this planet’s social change. Just as oil changed our society, the unknown green rock changed the parallel “Mad Max-parody” society. Summer and Bucket-head explore Beth and Jerry’s situation, making a point about love and social relationships in Modern Society. It is like this, that Rick and Morty creates a new whole science fiction perspective on nihilism, and makes us wonder if Mankind can be thrown away like a piece of paper because for the TV show (just there?) “Mankind” is only an ideology. But what about our true society?

¿Que opinas?

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